TRANSMISSION: KINGDOM OF is an invitation to delve into alternative kingdoms that while fantastical, seem uncannily real. An expansive universe of worlds, territories and thrones, the show explores the tensions inherent in this delicate cycle of life; to reveal strength in fragility, growth in decay and order in chaos. From a cocoon of hidden mysteries, an oversized roving ball, intricately woven life-sized sculptures, to built structures containing surprising environments while nature itself spills in, viewers are in for a sensory experience with this collection of intimate and innovative installations that inhabit the exhibition space.
TRANSMISSION: KINGDOM OF will also present a collaborative artwork that uniquely strings six stories translated onto fixed portraits of size 70cm x 100cm. Inspired by selected texts from various parts of the world, the final work is an intriguing combination of text, painting, photography, 3D sculpturing and mechanical wiring.
Sara Ang
A recent Business Management graduate of the Singapore Management University, Sara Ang (b. 1989) employs a variety of mediums and techniques to create art that engages and provokes thought about one’s identity and beliefs.
Vanessa Ban
Vanessa Ban (b. 1988) is an artist and designer based in Singapore. Recently, she
co-founded BAN—FAM, a multidisciplinary studio (with partner Andrea Fam), prioritizing the studio’s focus on contemporary art and graphic design.
Tiphaine Guillermou
Having a Master’s degree in Marketing and Communication, Tiphaine Guillermou
(b. 1988) recently graduated from LASALLE in Design Communication. Her work is eclectic and experimental, inspired by nature and travel experiences.
Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee (b. 1987) is an architect by day and an artist by night. His multidisciplinary approach utilizes nature as a means to bring spiritual dimension and presence into space, in doing so revealing us to ourselves.
Roy Wang
Trained in fine arts since the age of three, Roy Wang (b. 1987) has been working as a designer and artist during the last five years, blurring the distinctions between Art and Design to create unconventional compositions across all mediums.
Jake Wu
Jake Wu (b. 1990) is an artist and illustrator that experiments with a
wide range of materials and mediums. He seeks to create artworks that convey thoughts and emotions.